Health Insurance Litigation

Several of Minnesota's largest and most prestigious nonprofit hospitals secure the services of D.S. Erickson & Associates, PLLC, to handle their legal disputes with local and national health insurance companies. The firm's proven skill and unflagging pursuit of claim resolution with private health insurance providers enables the hospital client to address their day-to-day business concerns while the firm pursues the resolution of extraordinary debts and disputes.

The attorneys at D.S. Erickson & Associates use their broad industry experience and litigation skills to resolve disputes with health insurance companies through negotiated settlement, mediation, arbitration, and, when necessary, litigation. Firm attorneys understand that private health insurance companies can be reluctant to pay on valid claims unless and until they are ordered to do so by a court of law. The firm's clients rely upon our experience and persistence to resolve these disputes, and secure payment of the funds due to them by contract.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions that require a law firm to represent them in major health insurance disputes look to D.S. Erickson & Associates for resolution.